Bernards High School Administration

Dr. Scott Neigel
908-204-1930 x2108

Mr. Michael Hoppe
Assistant Principal/Athletic Director
908-204-1930 x2101

Dr. Michael Corbett
Assistant Principal
908-204-1930 x2156

Mrs. Jaime Walker
Director of Guidance
908-204-1930 ext. 2119 

Dr. Olga Edgerton       

Supervisor of Math, Science, and
Technology Education

908-204-1930 ext. 1121

Mrs. Linsay Barna 
Supervisor of Language
908-204-1920 ext. 4037     

Mr. Michael Catelli

Supervisor of Social Studies/World Language
908-204-1916 ext. 3469   


Bernards High School Secretaries

Anne Acuff
Guidance  Office
908-204-1930 x2104

Anika Gruters
Secretary to the Principal
908-204-1930 x2301

Dana Pottheiser
Secretary to the Vice Principal / Attendance Secretary
908-204-1930 x2346

Amy Malzone
Athletics Secretary
908-204-1930 x2302

Debbie Rodenbach
Main Office Secretary
908-204-1930 x2300

Lisa Norton
Guidance Secretary
908-204-1930 x2347