Attendance and what to do if your student is ill/injured

 Every day, the Parent/Guardian must report the student’s absence/tardy, regardless of the reason, so proper attendance can be recorded. If your student is ill, and/or showing any symptoms of COVID 19 illness: notify the school nurse and keep your student at home.  Do not send them into school. 

Please discourage your student from contacting you directly
if they become ill or injured while at school and want to go home
WITHOUT notifying the school nurse first. 
It is important to keep the school nurse informed of all medical issues
so that the community as a whole can remain safe and healthy.   

What to do if your student becomes ill or injured

Individualized health care plans   

Individualized Health Care Plans and Emergency Action Plans

Students whose health care needs require more complex nursing services 

may require health care plans for school and/or school sponsored activities.

Developing an Individualized Health Care Plan/Emergency Action Plan

Consent for Delegation

Before and After Form

I&RS/RTI/504/IDEA Comparison Chart

Maschio’s Food Service


Waiver of Participation

Medical Request Food Allergy Intolerance

2020/2021 Parent Letter

2020/2021 Life Threatening Food Allergy Consent form


Registration Requirements

Review this information to see the requirements to enroll your student at Bernards High School.
Registration Requirements
Department of Education required vaccinations Department of Education Pre Participation Physical Evaluation Department of Education Health History Update Questionnaire

 Working papers  

Working Papers

If a student is seeking to have working papers completed, they need to contact the BHS Guidance office.  School Nurses can sign the physician section of working papers only if updated physical evaluations have been submitted to BHS health office and those evaluations have been approved by the school physician.
BHS Guidance Office Working papers

 Meds at School  

Medication Management

Click on the links below for information about what to do if your student needs medication while at school/school sponsored activities.  
Procedure to Manage Medication
SHSD Medication policy Management of Life Threatening Allergy Policy Medication Administration Form, Daily and Whenever necessary Asthma Action Form
Anaphylaxis Medication Administration Form Extended Field Trip Medication Form 

Health Screenings   

Annual Health Screenings

New Jersey State law requires that health screening be performed at various grade levels.


Sports Forms

Three times per year, students can seek approval to participate in Fall, Winter or Spring sports.  Please refer to the Sports Memo and the FAQ links to follow the procedure to submit the requirements. 


Collection Time for Requirements 

Fall sports

Collected between May-July 

Winter Sports

Collected between September-November 

Spring Sports MEMO

Collected between January-March 

BHS Athletic Page
Sports Memo FAQ
Pre-Participation Physical Evaluation Form
Health History Updated Information Form

Concussion Fact Sheet
Gradual Return to Play Protocol Form